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web-service-netsuite: how to get item from saved search using web services in C-sharp

how to get item from item saved search using web services of C#

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Posted On : 2015-02-25 10:56:48.0
profile Amol Ghadage - Amol Ghadage


This operation allows users to retrieve a list of existing saved search IDs on a per-record-type basis (for example, all saved search IDs for every Customer saved search). Note that once you retrieve the list of saved search IDs, you may need to look in the NetSuite UI to see the criteria defined for the saved search. To navigate to the list of saved searches in the NetSuite UI, go to Lists > Search > Saved Searches.

This API takes a search record type as a request argument and returns a list of record references of the saved search.

For use cases explaining why you would want to get a list of saved search IDs and then reference a specific ID in your code, see Reference Existing Saved Searches.

Note: There is no async equivalent for this operation.

GetSavedSearchRecord record = new GetSavedSearchRecord();
record.searchTypeSpecified = true;
record.searchType = SearchRecordType.transaction;
GetSavedSearchResult result = nss.getSavedSearch(record);

Posted On : 2015-02-26 23:00:19
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profile Rishi Kumar - Rishi Kumar
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Prince Raj u r right but Can u tell me how to fetch custom field column from save search...
I posted how to fetch standard field column from save search...

using that code can u tell me as soon as possible plz...
profile Amol Ghadage - Amol Ghadage
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Posted On :2015-02-27 09:43:02.0
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ItemSearchAdvanced searchItems = new ItemSearchAdvanced();
searchItems.savedSearchScriptId = "customsearch_itemsearchpos";

SearchResult result =;
int totalRecords = 0;
int processedRecords = 0;

if (result.status.isSuccess)

SearchRow[] searchRows = result.searchRowList;
if (searchRows != null && searchRows.Length >= 1)
string display_Name = "Null";

for (int i = 0; i < searchRows.Length - 1; i++)
ItemSearchRow itemRow = (ItemSearchRow)searchRows[i];

string uniqueProductCode = itemRow.basic.upcCode[0].searchValue;

//string ManufacturerPartNumber = itemRow.basic.mpn[0].searchValue;
//decimal ContractPrice = Convert.ToDecimal(itemRow.basic.basePrice[0].searchValue);
//// decimal Cost = CalculateProductCostForIngram(Convert.ToDecimal(itemRow.basic.basePrice[0].searchValue));
if (itemRow.basic.displayName != null)
display_Name = itemRow.basic.displayName[0].searchValue;




This .Net ans is right for standard filed but I want to fetch customfield column from saved search using web sevices that I cant achieve so plz help me in that if u can..

Posted On : 2015-02-27 09:34:38
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profile Amol Ghadage - Amol Ghadage
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