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web-service-netsuite: How to get custom field value in netsuite using web services?

How get custom field value of netsuite using web services?
I want code in

web-service x 19
netsuite x 18
Posted On : 2015-01-30 13:16:58.0
profile Amol Ghadage - Amol Ghadage


Custom fields are those that have been created by NetSuite users to customize their accounts. Custom fields can be added to an account using SuiteBuilder point-and-click customization tools. They can also be added through the SuiteTalk add operation. Custom fields must be one of the types defined in Custom Field Types. Note that on business records, custom fields are contained in the customFieldList property.

Also note that if you are getting unusual results in your Web services queries, it may be that a standard field has been customized. Additionally, a record can have any number of custom fields that may differ in their behavior when manipulated through Web services, versus when they are manipulated through the NetSuite UI.

The following are some general guidelines to consider when working with both standard and custom fields.
1. Regardless of whether a standard field is set as mandatory in a custom form, the "requiredness" of the field is the same as it was originally (entry forms only -- transaction forms honor custom requiredness settings).

2. Customizations made to standard fields are not honored in Web services. The field behaves as it would with no customization done. For example, even if a standard field is set as disabled, it is still settable via Web services.

3. If a standard field is set to NOT show in the UI, it is still settable via Web services. In the UI, these fields are not settable although the values are returned in search results.

4. Custom display only (inline) and disabled fields are settable even though these are NOT settable through the UI. For information on field display types, see Setting Display Options for Custom Fields in the NetSuite Help Center.

5. Custom hidden fields are gettable and settable in Web services. In the UI, custom fields defined as hidden are not settable and are not returned.

6. Defaulted fields that are set to blank on a Web services update will stay blank on update.

Most business records that are exposed through Web services have one or more custom fields attached to it. These custom fields are contained in the customFieldList property on each record. The customFieldList property is an array of CustomFieldRef.

The Disable Mandatory Custom Field Validation preference determines whether a required custom field with no data provided throws an error, or is accepted as a null value.

In the following C# code sample, the results for the custom transaction field custcolcolumnname
are returned.

private void searchForMultiSelectCustomField()
if (_isAuthenticated)
{"\nExecuting search ..... \n");
// transaction search by custom column field
TransactionSearch transactionSearch = new TransactionSearch();
TransactionSearchBasic transactionSearchBasic = new TransactionSearchBasic();
//Java - the SearchCustomFieldList is not used.
//SearchCustomFieldList searchCustomFieldList = new SearchCustomFieldList();
SearchMultiSelectCustomField searchMultiSelectCustomField = new
// make the search expression
//the name of the transaction custom column
searchMultiSelectCustomField.internalId = "custbody_multi_select";
searchMultiSelectCustomField.@operator = SearchMultiSelectFieldOperator.anyOf;
searchMultiSelectCustomField.operatorSpecified = true;
//custom list called colors with typei id 1, values blue - internalid 1, green - id2 etc
//we are looking for transactions which have transaction body field
//of type multi select set to color blue
ListOrRecordRef listOrRecordRef = new ListOrRecordRef();
listOrRecordRef.internalId = "3";
listOrRecordRef.typeId = "1";
searchMultiSelectCustomField.searchValue = new ListOrRecordRef[] { listOrRecordRef };
SearchCustomField[] searchCustomFieldList = new SearchCustomField[] {
searchMultiSelectCustomField };
//searchCustomFieldList.setCustomField(new SearchCustomField[]{searchMultiSelectCustomField});
transactionSearchBasic.customFieldList = searchCustomFieldList;
transactionSearch.basic = transactionSearchBasic;
SearchResult searchRes =;"\nSearch Result contains " + searchRes.totalRecords + " record(s) \n");
"\nCannot call search operation because there is no active session. " +
"You must be first logged on before attempting to call saved search.\n");

Posted On : 2015-01-30 17:43:11
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profile Rishi Kumar - Rishi Kumar
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