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cloud-computing-basics: What is cloud computing?

Briefly describe the benefits and risks of cloud computing.

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Posted On : 2014-03-09 16:49:18.0
profile Saksham Kumar - Saksham Kumar


Cloud Computing is like to provide computing service whenever and wherever you need it. In simple words it can be defined as a service in which we get all hardware and software resources online. We store our data online and get access from anywhere and anytime. As we have all services in our local computer, in cloud computing we get all kind of services online as we get on our local computer.

Advantages of cloud computing:
1. You can access it anytime, anywhere you need it.
2. You don´t need to invest in hardware/software resources, licensing the products, etc.
3. There is no need of infrastructure. Just have an internet connection and get the service easily.
4. You can recover your data easily in cloud computing.
5. No need to update software.
6. Best utilization of all kind of resources.

Posted On : 2014-03-09 18:34:48
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profile Garima Gupta - Garima Gupta
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