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Spring Framework Basics Quiz Question :

Description This File contains 20 question based on basics and overview of spring framework in java. Each question has four options and one correct answer. For example: 1. IOC or Dependenct injection is a .. . A. Design Pattern B. Framework C. Java Module D. ORM Framework Answer: Design Pattern 2. Which of the following is not a Spring Module? A. AOP B. O/R Integration C. Spring MVC D. HTML/JSP Answer: HTML/JSP 3. Which of the following is true ? . A. ApplicationContext implements BeanFactory B. ApplicationContext extends BeanFactory C. BeanFactory extends ApplicationContext D. BeanFactory implements ApplicationContext Answer: ApplicationContext extends BeanFactory 4. Beans defined in spring framework are by default .. . A. Abstract B. Singleton C. Final D. initialized Answer: Singleton


Spring Framework Basics Quiz Question

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