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Exception Handling quiz questions based on core java :

Description This document file contains array question based on core java. It has multiple choice type questions. Each question has it's correct answer and the explanation for each question i.e. how a particular answer is correct. e.g.: What will be the output of the program? public class Foo { public static void main(String[] args) { try { return; } finally { System.out.println( "Finally" ); } } } A.Finally B.Compilation fails. C.The code runs with no output. D.An exception is thrown at runtime. Answer: Option A Explanation: If you put a finally block after a try and its associated catch blocks, then once execution enters the try block, the code in that finally block will definitely be executed except in the following circumstances: 1. An exception arising in the finally block itself. 2. The death of the thread. 3. The use of System.exit() 4. Turning off the power to the CPU.


Exception Handling quiz questions based on core java

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