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Distributed System Practicals :

Description 1. Write a Program in RMI by which Client send hello message to Server. 2. Write a Program in RMI by which you can add two numbers. 3. Implementation of a Gross server in RMI. Gross server calculates the basic salary, HRA, DA passed by the client & returns it to client. 4. Implementation of a File access server in RMI. File server returns the content of a file that is stored on that server to client when requested by the client. 5. Implementation of a DNS server in RMI. DNS server returns the IP address of a text URL to client, passed by the client to server in request. 6. Write a Program in RMI in which client send a message to a sever and server stores it in the file at server machine. 7. Implementation of a Authentication server in RMI. client passes the username and password to server; server verifies it and sends the status of authentication to client.


Distributed System Practicals

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