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Advanced Computer Architecture Lab Practicals :

Description 1. Write a program to execute three POSIX Threads (PThreads) simultaneously for updating a text file. 2. Write a program for synchronizing POSIX Threads (PThreads) using (a) Semaphore (b)Mutex 3. Implement the PRAM Algorithm for (a) Parallel Reduction (b) Prefix Sums (c) Preorder Tree Traversal 4. Implement Parallel Matrix Multiplication using (a) Row-Column oriented Algorithm (b)Block-Oriented Algorithm 5. Implement Solution of Linear Systems using (a) Gaussian Elimination (b)Jacobi Algorithm 6. Implement (a) Parallel Quick Sort (b) Hyper Quicksort 7. Implement Parallel Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm


Advanced Computer Architecture Lab Practicals

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